Were you ever driving along the freeway, felt like refuelling on a McDonald’s meal and just didn’t know where to find one?

Rarely. When  Photographic Artist Steven Von Worley found a country strip mall next to California’s I-5 freeway, he was inspired by the question ‘just how far CAN you be from a generic commercialism in this country?’

Strip Mall Pic

Generic! Who's he kidding?

To test out his newfound barometer for  ‘freedom’ (or isolation) he mapped each and every one of the McDonald’s restaurants in the contiguous United States. And the result is a map that any evil dictator seeking global domination would be delighted with as a starting point.

That said, there is still work to do for Ronald and co. if they are to mirror  their almost blanket coverage of everywhere up to the Dakotas, in the west of the country. I am thinking McTrails to the McFalls, McCamping, McSierras, BigMcSur, the McMojave, Old McFaithful and so on.

Golden Arches

In the end, using geo-referenced locations from Aggdata, Steven concluded that the furthest you could be from the golden arches was 107 miles as the crow flies, or 145 miles by road, in Southwest Dakota. Not bad in an area of over 3.5 million square miles. “Hello McDonald’s – Do you deliver?”.

McDonalds Restaurants

Steven Von Worley - McDonalds USA


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