We know where your computer lives…..

A convicted hacker has demonstrated how the location of your PC can be determined within several meters using Google’s GeoCode data.

Samy Kamkar has identified weaknesses in a number of routers that enable malicious internet users to identify a computers id code, or MAC address, and via geolocation features in Firefox which reference Google Streetview’s databases, according to BBC news.

Google Street View

Google created the Mac-to-location database while compiling its Street View pictures.

While internet traffic can be traced easily to a region – using the address of the local internet provider, this technique can locate the PC down to a street or building and raises serious concerns over stalking and personal attacks. Kamkar’s demonstration included locating a remote computer to within 9 meters of its location.

He presented his findings as part of a talk at the Black Hat internet security conference entitled ‘How I met your Girlfriend’. He served 90 days Community Service in 2005 for hacking the social networking site MySpace and adding more than 1 million ‘friends’ in one day.


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