Lost cities of the not-so-ancients

Atlantis, Pompeii, El Dorado, Sunrise Fl. What on earth do they have in common, you may ask?

Well we know that Atlantis didn’t include an indoor shopping center, and Pompeii has never had a team in the NHL, but the most observant readers will by now have identified that they are all lost cities.

Sunrise Florida - The lost city

Sunrise FL - Back where we belong

According to Google Maps, Sunset – a town of more than 85000 people, was ‘absorbed’ by the city of Sarasota, over 200 miles away. Much to the dismay of local businesses whose customers were unable to find them for more than a month, and the disgust of Mayor Mike Ryan. “I don’t have any problem with the idea that mistakes happen,” he said. “The algorithms they have to apply to understand what my search is are undoubtedly complicated. What disturbed us is that this wasn’t the first time it happened.”

In fact, it had happened twice previously. Fans of Lost will no doubt be imagining some guy turning a giant wheel to make the city vanish and reappear at will, however Google say it is more simple than that, blaming errors in commercially provided data that is used to make up their maps. Google uses satellite imagery and birds eye photography to verify its information but is not infallible. As residents of La Jolla, CA, Woodstock VA, Wickliffe OH and other ‘Lost Cities of Google’ will testify.

Sawgrass Mils Mall

Florida's Macchu Picchu


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