Will it be a White Christmas?

It’s what many people wish for this time of year, that picturesque white landscape with soft white flakes drifting through the air. The muffled sounds of children building snow men and dogs romping in the snow. But, how many of us can expect that vision of holiday perfection to be a reality? Pretty much as you might think, it’s the northern tier of states, mountainous regions and New England that have the highest likelihood of having a White Christmas Day.

NOAA has gone to great lengths to study this all-important issue so that those of us in the middle latitudes of the country don’t get our hopes too high – although a Pineapple Express is looking like it might just make its way across the US in time to give us a nice coating of the white stuff this week. La Niña is also expected to affect the winter weather this year, with the Pacific Coast and the Northern tier states colder than normal and the Midwest, west of the Appalachians and the Northwest expected to be wetter.

Winter storms are notoriously unpredictable more than a few days out, but based on decades of NOAA data, here are some of the probabilities of a White Christmas (defined as 1” of snow on the ground) for those on the lookout for snow:

Chicago                  40%

Boston                    23%

Columbus              23%

Baltimore               13%

New York City      10%

Austin                       0%

Orlando                    0%

Santa Barbara        0%

If you live in Southern states or along the Pacific Coast, don’t hold your breath waiting for snow – although you never know what might happen. However, just remember that Santa doesn’t need snow to land his sleigh at your house – you just have to have been a good boy or girl this year.

Probability of a White Christmas map

Source: NOAA


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