Lost in Music? Get Map of Metal.

If you cant tell your ‘Blackened Crust’ from your ‘Grindcore’ or you get mixed up between your ‘Death ‘n Roll’ and ‘Sludge Metal’ then you are probably lost in the world of Metal Music. This super map will help you find your way around the greasy, torn biker denims of rock music with examples to boot.

Even if you are just into a bit of cartography, and I know there are one or two here who fit this description, I think you will appreciate a nice visual presentation of this music genre. And why not listen to “Crush the blooded horns of the Goat” by Horde, while you browse? (Word of advice, don’t view it with your monitor upside down).

Map of Metal

Do you know your Funeral Doom from your Brutal Death?



2 Responses to “Lost in Music? Get Map of Metal.”

  1. 1 Hel
    January 12, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    This map is really great. Actually i am just learning what is Djent (Meshuggah).

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