cartographers are damned like all the rest.

Not a blog to capitalize on sensational events, but we may aswell start now because we might not be here tomorrow.

According to a slightly odd, unexpected visitor to the maps.com offices in Santa Barbara, CA, we will be going out of business any day now, along with all of the doctors, lawyers and everyone. Our senior cartographer is armed with 2 rolled up Maps.com world wallmaps connected by a piece of string to create makeshift nunchucks – I reckon we are safe if she comes back.

Yes, the lady with the red afro, who “didnt come to rob us or nothin” was sure to tell us that cartographers would be damned like all the rest.

So, if this blog isnt here after the Day of Rapture, I sure hope you enjoyed reading it. Hopefully Bing maps have already started work on the street view for the new uninhabitable wasteland that the earth will become.

Good luck, Mapfans.


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