beware the map police

The crackdown that we suggested would take place on unlicensed mapping in China has begun in earnest. Or Beijing, if you want to be pedantic.Mapworld - China's Google

Possible Punishment for offenders? Linschoten, 1599.

Following the launch of Mapworld by the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, the Chinese government said that all providers of online Mapping, including Google, would require a state issued license by July 1st. Reminders of the imminent deadline are now being issued by the bureau’s press office.

Many unauthorized sites and applications which use geolocation are powered with free Google Maps, whereas those approved providers purchase government supplied mapping. According to the bureau this protects the consumer and also prevents sensitive local information from being released.

In all, 46 sites have been ordered to change their mapping provider to get government approval or face as yet unknown punishment. Those contacted include the Chinese social media site Jiepang, who have already applied for a license and sent employees to take part in government ‘training’.


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