the slightly rounded flat dished earth theory

The last complete evidence that the earth is flat will find a new home in the Library of Congress after its true value was realized  by its owner in Salem, Oregon.

Owner Don Homuth has donated the map, which was given to him by a teacher when he was at school in South Dakota. This is the only known complete copy of the map which was drawn by Orlando Ferguson shortly before the turn of the 20th Century.

The map shows how the earth is flat and stationery, but accounts for visual evidence of the planets curvature and movement with its humped shape at the center of a large dish. Ferguson also published an accompanying book which promised to ‘knock out the globe theory’ and enable the reader to ‘predict eclipses’ – for only 25c (1893 money). It includes a number of biblical references and reminds the user that “400 passages in the bible condemn the globe theory and the flying earth and none sustain it”.

The Library will take delivery of the map later this month. Expect a flood of cut price globes once the map goes on display and the theory begins to catch on again.

Flat Stationery Earth Map via the history blog


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