Mittengate: When neighboring states fall out over lines on a map.

Wisconsin and Michigan are said to be taking steps to secure their borders today as the ‘Mitten Wars’ bring relations between the neighboring states to an all time low.

If total superiority in NFL Football wasnt enough, the state of Wisconsin has taken the agressive step of declaring itself ‘The Mitten State’ for a new winter campaign. This is based on Wisconsin’s borders resembling a left-handed mitten when plotted on a map.

This caused uproar in neighboring Michigan which has long regarded itself as the primary Mitten state seeing as its outline as resembles a pair of mittens, one pointing vertically up and one meeting it at fingertips horizontally. Or any other way you wish to interpret it.

After calling an emergency ‘Super Committee’ together here at Maps.com to review and agree official policy, we wondered if Michigan didn’t appear to be more like a Sasquatch looking up at a basking shark with an open mouth, whilst Wisconsin more closely resembled a hastily stuffed purse. However, when passing both maps through our geocoding analyzer using the ‘best fit’ algorithm (developed by our in-house programmers for use in such boundary disputes) we decided that there was no dispute after all.

Despite the outrage expressed by some parties in Michigan, the data clearly shows that Wisconsin has a single mitten, for which it can be proud, and that Michigan ‘The state’ actually applauds the notion. (See algorithmic graphical outputs below).

If you can offer further analysis please do not hesitate to comment in the box provided, or at least take our poll.

Michigan Mitten

Michigan: Polite applause

Wisconsin Mitten

Wisconsin: First Class Mitten


2 Responses to “Mittengate: When neighboring states fall out over lines on a map.”

  1. 1 Tom Rohrer
    December 9, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    Since when does Wisconsin even rate Mitten status? Excuse my Crocodile Dundee voice when I say “you call that a thumb, mate?” If that’s the case, you’ll need to change the name the of the Door Peninsula to Our Thumb Got Smashed in a Door Peninsula. And don’t think of Michigan so much as a Mitten, but more like a boxing glove; you might not just get the Upper Hand with Michigan, but an Upper Cut if you keep messing with us!

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