Latest ESRI FanMap – Stanley Cup Hockey

Following on from our Bracketology post (there’s just something about sport on maps that our Carto team just CANT RESIST) – Jim Herries from ESRI contacted us with their latest FanMap offering.

Its a Stanley Cup Hockey map  that enables you to vote on the outcome of all of the upcoming games, and then shows you what fans across the country are predicting/rooting for. Type in your Zip code to see how your area is voting.

The map makes no accommodation for ‘who will win the first violent clash against the plexi-glass’ but I am assured by real hockey fans that this is lots of fun.

Esri Hockey Maps

Stanley Cup Hockey: ESRI


1 Response to “Latest ESRI FanMap – Stanley Cup Hockey”

  1. 1 Geographic Designer
    April 20, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    great map!

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