What does it take to edit a map?

“Pishaw, editing a map is easy,” they say. “Everything has been mapped.”

That’s not an uncommon refrain, but far from the reality. The world is a constantly changing place that requires cartographers to keep up to date on both content and technology. To be sure, more resources are available to both cartographers and cartographic editors than were available in days of yore, but the rigor with which those resources are reviewed, validated and implemented has not decreased in the slightest. In many cases, the internet has proven both a boon and a burden for researchers who have to go the extra mile to verify sources that are posted by unknown parties. Whether it is a map for navigation or to convey a historical event to a student, publishers can’t afford to get it wrong. And that’s where the skills of editors shine.

To give you a sense of what goes into the editorial process of a typical street map and the depth and breadth of knowledge that is applied to the craft, our editors have shared a slice of their world in the following paper, which was distributed originally in our Fall InCarto Newsletter.


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