Advance Environmental Science Release

The public field-testing of the fifth GeoInquiry collection, GeoInquiries for Advanced Environmental Science and Biology is now open.  This collection is targeted at high school biology classrooms and includes 15 cross-curricular activities with ArcGIS Online. Activities include: 

  • Population dynamics
  • Megacities
  • Down to the last drop
  • Dead zones (water pollution)
  • The Beagle’s Path
  • Primary productivity
  • Tropical Deforestation
  • Marine debris
  • El Nino (and climate)
  • Slowing malaria
  • Altered biomes
  • Spinning up wind power
  • Resource consumption and wealth

The authoring team includes: Brandon Gillette, Perri Carr, and Roger Palmer.  Maps were created by authors and Maps.com.

You can explore the collection here: http://edcommunity.esri.com/Resources/Collections/APES_geoinquiries

A short story map for easy review of the collection is available at: http://arcg.is/1Ux3mpJ

If a teacher chooses to field test an activity, they need only submit their comments to the URL at the bottom of page two (on each geoinquiry). That URL is: http://esriurl.com/GeoInquiryFeedback

– See more at: https://blogs.esri.com/esri/gisedcom/2016/06/02/new-geoinquiry-collection-advanced-environmental-science-and-biology/#sthash.E6FgYLwk.dpuf

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