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No Sudan movements from map-makers as the South celebrates.

de Südsudan en Southern Sudan ru Южный Судан

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The people of South Sudan celebrated this week as they became Africa’s 54th nation. But cartographers around the world are in no rush to redraw.

Both Google Maps and Bing Maps are still awaiting confirmed geo data for the new border, which has not yet been officially agreed. As confirmed by US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, the exact location of the border will be determined along with military re-deployments and agreements on natural resources. A 12 mile buffer zone to reduce outbreaks of violence is expected to be part of the final agreement, with Ethiopian troops playing a key peace-keeping role. The conflict in the region is estimated to have cost over 1.5 million lives in decades of violence.

A number of ‘unofficial maps’ have been developed, including this one from London’s Guardian Newspaper, and South Sudan’s own Foreign Ministry has been issuing maps for use by its embassies and foreign diplomatic missions, however they are yet to finally agree the borders or receive official recognition from the United Nations. This should occur in a meeting Thursday, and will follow the EU, United States and Russia’s recognition of the state whose independence was finally declared last Saturday, July 10th.

Juba will be the new capital where many challenges such as extreme poverty will be faced. This is also where the nations wealth of oil reserves will be strategically  managed from.

Google reported that they were awaiting the most accurate data before they would update their Google Maps and Google Earth products with the new nation, until then they have been encouraging locals to produce their own maps in community mapping events.

South Sudan already has its own national soccer team which played its first match against a Kenyan club team on saturday, however currently the world governing body FIFA does not recognize the new nation and matches will remain, like the cartography,  ‘unofficial’.

Republic of South Sudan, via the Mission of the Government of South Sudan.


beware the map police

The crackdown that we suggested would take place on unlicensed mapping in China has begun in earnest. Or Beijing, if you want to be pedantic.Mapworld - China's Google

Possible Punishment for offenders? Linschoten, 1599.

Following the launch of Mapworld by the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, the Chinese government said that all providers of online Mapping, including Google, would require a state issued license by July 1st. Reminders of the imminent deadline are now being issued by the bureau’s press office.

Many unauthorized sites and applications which use geolocation are powered with free Google Maps, whereas those approved providers purchase government supplied mapping. According to the bureau this protects the consumer and also prevents sensitive local information from being released.

In all, 46 sites have been ordered to change their mapping provider to get government approval or face as yet unknown punishment. Those contacted include the Chinese social media site Jiepang, who have already applied for a license and sent employees to take part in government ‘training’.


Don’t rely on Google to teach you about rivers

This Design Observer blog post points out some of the wonderful inadequacies of Google when it comes to rivers.

Mislabeled, or not labeled at all are the main criticisms, oh and a rather warped sense of priority. (Ditch #1 , Osceola, AR – all present and correct. La Seine, Paris, France – missing).

Check out the article here.

Ditch #1, Osceola, AR - A popular getaway

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Cartographic Bracketology

Our friends at ESRI have followed up their Super Bowl map with a cartographic visualization of the fan favorites in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament’s Sweet 16 match-ups. Using ESRI architecture and cloud computing, the FanMap plots and displays the picks of all 8 games. The catch? You have to make your picks first. There are no prizes other than to be able to see the distribution of picks across North America or locally in your own home town.

It should be noted, however, that the FanMap asks you to pick who you want to win, not who you think will win. This is about fan preference and popular support, not predicting winners.

Who are you rooting for?

The Buckeyes are holding a slight edge in fan voting in their match-up with Kentucky


Japan Earthquake locator map – March 11th 2011 Japan Earthquake map

Quake locations - Japan 3/11/11

Check out this Bing map featuring all of the earthquake and aftershock locations along with magnitudes. We have also included links to videos as they come available, many of which have been shared on youtube by eyewitnesses. We will continue to add information to the map as it emerges.

Brought to you by the custom mapping team.


Map World launches ‘Final’ version

With a Presidential visit in full swing in the US, the Chinese leader Hu Jintao will have no problem finding his way around now that China’s answer to Google Maps is fully operational.

During the final quarter of 2010 the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping added more than 2 million items of geodata covering thousands of miles of roads and points of interest in the China region. There is also now an English translation for the 11 million place names the service includes.

Mapworld - China's Google

The site, which is free to access, has been visited by 30 million users from over 200 countries according to official figures. The service is the basis for a push by the Chinese government to control online mapping services in the region. All companies providing such services will be required to purchase an operating license, with the deadline recently extended to July 1st of this year. Around half of the 200 domestic and overseas companies who have applied for licenses have received them so far.

Meanwhile with global businesses increasingly woven into the fabric of Chinese industry and Mapworld’s specifically detailed content for this region, it is bound to become more relevant as a business tool, and go some way to achieving its overall goal. This is,  according to Song Chaozhi, Deputy Director of the bureau  “to build Mapworld into an international brand”.

Try Mapworld here.


Lost in Music? Get Map of Metal.

If you cant tell your ‘Blackened Crust’ from your ‘Grindcore’ or you get mixed up between your ‘Death ‘n Roll’ and ‘Sludge Metal’ then you are probably lost in the world of Metal Music. This super map will help you find your way around the greasy, torn biker denims of rock music with examples to boot.

Even if you are just into a bit of cartography, and I know there are one or two here who fit this description, I think you will appreciate a nice visual presentation of this music genre. And why not listen to “Crush the blooded horns of the Goat” by Horde, while you browse? (Word of advice, don’t view it with your monitor upside down).

Map of Metal

Do you know your Funeral Doom from your Brutal Death?

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