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12 Teaches Cartography to Local Elementary School Students

By Eric Wilder, Cartographer,

Monte Vista Science Night Sign

It's Science Night

Last week marked an exciting time for, as it was the culmination of the critically acclaimed Monte Vista Elementary School Science Night.

For many K-6 graders in Santa Barbara, Science Night is one of the most anticipated days of the year; Monte Vista Elementary School hosts dozens of local scientists from a wide variety of disciplines who enthusiastically share their profession with young minds of tomorrow. The evening gives students the opportunity to touch a human brain, hold a python, experience static electricity, and as of 2012, learn about MAPS!!!

As a past student of Monte Vista who vividly remembers the thrills of Science Night, I was ecstatic to see things come full circle and return 15 years later as a cartographer. Teamed up with my partner in crime, Maps 101Customer Account Specialist, Terry (also a proud Monte Vista graduate!), we prepared a presentation that we hoped would engage students and get them interested in maps.

Feeling on top of the world

Global Appeal

Despite the fact that the cartography exhibit was placed right next to the reptile exhibit – tough competition to say the least – it is safe to say that the kiddos were enthralled to learn about maps. Crowded around the big maps we brought with us, Monte Vista students were quickly able to spot their school’s location on a map, identify ways that the Santa Barbara area has changed in the past century using our Santa Barbara Antique Wall Map, find their California mission on our Maps 101 missions map, and discover the uses of imagery in mapmaking. You would be shocked to learn how many first, second, and third grade students have used Google Maps before!!

Kids show cartographer how to read a map

No, THIS is longitude, Mr.

Seeing that I once had a cartographer visit my classroom in fifth grade, we at understand the value of introducing the science of cartography to our society’s next generation of geographers. After a very fun evening complete with prize giveaways and contests, it is without doubt that the future looks bright for the cartographers of tomorrow!


Stunning new imagery for Geoeye 2011 Calendar

From the world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa, to the first hole at Augusta, GeoEye has released more stunning aerial pictures for its 2011 calendar.

The company, which provides advanced imagery for a variety of markets from government security to forestry and transportation, has revealed some of the most visited places on earth as never-before using 3 orbiting satellites under its command. The most advanced equipment enables the viewer to discern objects as small as 16″ at ground level. For more images visit the Geoeye Website.


Burj Khalifa Tower - Via Geoeye

Burj Khalifa Tower - Via Geoeye















Namib Desert via Geoeye

Namib Desert via Geoeye















Presidential Palace, Kazakhstan via Geoeye

Presidential Palace, Kazakhstan via Geoeye



10 brings home the gongs! was the proud recipient of three prestigious awards last night, held by the International Map Trade Association.

Garage Sale Locator Apps for iPhone, and the Bing Maps101 Explorer took silver and gold respectively in the ‘Best Use of Technology’ category at the industry’s premier event. In addition, a special award was presented to CEO Sarah Sinclair in recognition of the company’s continued support to the industry and promotion of the Association.

Garage Sale app for Iphone became an active participant in the map trade almost 20 years ago and now sells into dozens of countries worldwide. A renowned supporter of independent cartography through its ‘Map Marketplace’ program, the company’s online map store plays host to millions of visitors monthly who can purchase materials from the biggest publishers such as National Geographic to specialist map makers through its print on demand service. has continued to innovate and provides mapping solutions to the Education and Newspaper industries. In addition to retail maps,’s custom mapping division provides a range of services, including print, flash and ‘mash-ups’ with online services such as Google and Bing maps. Directory publishers, Convention and Visitor Bureaus and Educational Publishers use for their location based solutions.

“This award recognizes the hard work of so many  employees in our organization for whom mapping and geography is as much a passion as it is a daily job,” revealed Sarah Sinclair, President and CEO. “We are proud to support and promote this passion not only within but across the industry as a whole,” she continued.

Following a recently announced partnership with Bing Maps and several new iPhone apps released, the team hope to be back next year with even more innovations on display.

BIng Maps101 Explorer

The IMTA conference closes today (September 14th) in Washington DC.


Defacing Google Maps in the name of advertising.

According to this article in the UK’s Guardian Newspaper, the world’s biggest book advertisement has been created using Google Earth and GPS ‘Pens’.

His message ‘Read Ayn Rand’ was written using a GPS tracking device which he switched on when he wanted to ‘write’. He drove more than 12000 miles and took 10 days to complete each word. Nick Newcomen is said to be a big fan of Rand, although unconfirmed rumors suggest that he fell out of love with his previous favorite, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, shortly before embarking on this journey.

This amazing feat opens up a whole new debate on the topic of graffiti, what constitutes art v what constitutes vandalism, and if a tree falls in the forest and nobody was there to witness it, did it make a sound, or indeed, ever exist?

Read Ayn Rand

USA=Large Billboard for Aliens?


Bringing the oil slick home.

Right now my desk is floating on sea of stinking, reddy brown molasses, mixed with the carcasses of deceased wildlife and random flotsam and jetsam. My home, about 40 miles south on the 101 Freeway, is also flooded with crude. All the flowers are gone and the house is ruined. Two thirds of the Los Padres National Forest are destroyed as are the majority of the Sequoias in the National Forest. At least we can visit family. Those who live around central Los Angeles at least, who are just seeing a light slick or a few tar balls. Not that I would drink the water as most of the supply has been contaminated.

Not really, but it helps to put the size of the Gulf Slick in perspective when you see it laid over a map of your own home. This super simple but effective mash-up does exactly that. It really helps to convert the image from a dot in a huge ocean that happens to be touching the shores of the southern states, to a very frightening reality.

Try it here.


A Pirate map that’s not on parchment.

Not exactly what Robert Louis Stevenson had in mind when he wrote treasure island, but if the cabin boy had had an iPhone it could have been a different story.

This superb Bing map shows instances of Piracy on the high seas and users can click on the pushpin for more information. You can also sort a list on the left hand side by date, victim and aggressor.

The developer offers a premium version of the software that includes a heat map and interactive timeline. If you’re planning to take your dinghy out this weekend it could be just the tool you need.

For more information and to see a full review of the map see Chris Pendleton’s blog here.’s Custom Mapping solutions team can produce a variety of Mashups with Google and Bing Maps, as well as entirely original and bespoke printed and interactive maps.

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